Howdy guys, it’s Dafna, your friendly POTA editor, and I just wanted to pop in and give a peek into one of my favorite pages of PLANET OF THE APES #10 by Daryl Gregory, Carlos Magno and Darrin Moore, hitting the stands today.

This is panel 3 of a two-page spread, and I wanted to give readers a chance to really dig into just how awesome Carlos Magno can be.

We were all a little (rightfully) boggled about just how much he’d packed into a panel, and thus, the entirety of BOOM! proper chipped in to figure out just how MANY people, apes, and horses, Carlos crammed in there. Everyone from editors, to graphic designers, the accounting department, even Matt and Ross — no one was spared. Attached is our foolish attempts to pin down that number.

(as you can see, it was a difficult task. but in the best of ways.)