Look at all of those princesses! It must be time for…THE ADVENTURE TIME #3 COVERS TO SPREAD LIKE THE FIRES OF LOVE ACROSS THE INTERNET! 

This time we have covers by the likes of Chris Houghton on the A cover, Elena Barbarich rocking the B, AT designer and comics extraordinaire Mike DeForge on the incentive C cover and Stephanie Buscema taking us home with Finn and Jake IN SPACE on the incentive D cover!

Guys, did you know the ADVENTURE TIME COMIC IS REAL?! I’m holding issue #1 in my hands like a puppy and I can’t wait for you all to see it and caress it and tell me how much you love it. Issue #1 goes on sale at your local comic book store next Wednesday, February 8th. These are all-new, all-original adventures, and if you buy them like you bought Pokemon cards in 6th grade, then we can keep making ADVENTURE TIME comics forever and ever amen. MAKE THAT HAPPEN, MY LOVELIES. HIT THAT REBLOG BUTTON! 

-Kisses and hugs, Shannon, your AT comic book editor