Hi guys, it’s Shannon once again! Perhaps you are like, “Man, Thursday. Why aren’t you Friday? WHY ARE YOU SO LAME, THURSDAY?!” Well, have I got a lame Thursday cure for YOU! It’s the covers for the ADVENTURE TIME comic’s spin-off mini-series, MARCELINE AND THE SCREAM QUEENS #2! Here, FOR THE FIRST TIME ANYWHERE! Featuring a Sleater-Kinney self-titled album tribute cover from JAB on the A cover, ADVENTURE TIME artist Shelli Paroline on B cover duty, the insanely talented Erica Henderson on cover C, and the AMAZING Jen Wang on the D cover!

The first issue of this six-issue mini-series is out this July, and will be written and drawn by Meredith “Super Keen” GranDon’t miss it, unless you want to be SUPER SAD.